Some more on Lighting

In order to share and support those wanting to benefit from video tutorials that present some key information around lighting set up in and out of the theatre.
Check out the info below.

Let the first thing be a great program that presents the passion that exists working in the theatre. (all-be-it-a-bit-long, but interesting ~ enjoy)
Working in the Theatre: Lighting Design
By  American Theatre Wing

The Basics of a One Light Setup: A Lighting Tutorial
By The Slanted Lens (Check it out – loads of stuff…)

Here’s another :
Filmmaking 101 – Three Point Lighting Tutorial
By DiCasaFilm (More great stuff )

And whilst on the topic of lighting – here’s some tips for green screen lighting.
How to light a Green Screen
By B and H (Very cool)

Respect to:
The Slanted Lens
American Theatre Wing
B and H

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