Bot goes to the zoo

Innovation, creativity, and resilience combined with students’ spirit of service and a common love for pets resulted in the Petting Zoo Project, part of the MS elective class Playful Inventions.

Tasked with designing and building an interactive Pet, MS student’s crafted an assortment of animals from penguins to birds.Pets banner 1Lower Primary students visited the Middle School’s Black Box Theatre Petting Zoo to be thrilled by the collection of interactive possibilities.Questions were askedGrade 7 & 8 creator / host students shone through interaction with visiting Lower Primary students. Pride attached to their work, care towards the visiting younger ones and overarching collaborative and community spirits were tangible traits within the zoo.Explanations were givenSharing of how things worked kept the focus of many in the room, simultaneously reinforcing the learning for the creators.Interactions were hadUpon reflection students spoke about pride, fun, creativity, making, difficulty, refinement, timeliness, collaboration, detail, rebuilding, complexity, ideas.

Here’s what the kids thought about it:

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