TKW crew shine again – May 2018

Our production technology design, set-up, & operation is becoming increasingly complex. Our lighting option shave been splendidly augmented with new fully automated lights. Microphones numbers are doubling the dozen. Visual capture pushing up to 4K quality capture and editing systems…
& YUP, the kids are doing the work.
Well actually not just the kids, but the Tech Know Wise crew.
An after school activity that build a team to support the MS productions.
All of this on top of their academic workload.
A larger than ever crew, the members have worked with more productions than all of the activity’s 19 year history. Events this year included: November’s Production “Rebootilisation’, MS Jazz Cafe, MS Self Motivated Learning [SML] showcase, Xmas Choral concert, the recent musical “Crazy For You” and Choir concert.
Though there are moments where certain reminders are required (cue: deep breath), the TKW crew are capable and experienced with what needs to happen. It is amazing to see the students own the running of the events. It seems to encourage a time when 90 minutes of intense focus is possible 🙂

I return to being amazed and proud of the Tech Know Wise crew achievements. I say to the crew : “I’ll be the one bored at the back”
Abby, Aidan, Aidan (Mr T), Claire, Christopher, Gabby, Jack, Jennifer, Jon Jon, Joshua, Michael, Quinn, Takumi and William.
You guys have been dedicated, focused (cough, cough :)), energised and a pleasure to work with.
Brilliantly epic.
The Middle school should be proud to have your team available to support them.
I look forward to doing more next year:)

Mr Lea

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