Drone Racing Day 5

Today I will start my final presentation and add the videos that I have so far into an Imovie project.  The video will showcase my improvement over the last few weeks.  I will continue to add to the video as I get more video of me improving.  Here’s a screen shot of the start of my project.


Drone Racing Day 4

I’ve had to reevaluate the assessment of my skills.  I had decided to test my speed over three laps in my room, but flying three laps without crashing has proven… difficult.  As a result, I have decided to change my assessment to simply my fastest lap around the course.  I realize that actual races take place over a number of laps, so I will continue to try to improve my lap consistency.  I also noted that my assessment was only allowing me to practice turning to the right.  As a result, I’ve decided to refocus on flying freestyle as well as practicing for the lap time assessment.  Below is a video of my fastest lap so far, 20 seconds, which is an improvement of ten seconds, and a video of my best distance flight so far, at 2.25 laps.

Drone Racing Day 3

I’ve decided I need to start recording two different types of videos.  One set will be practice sessions with more free style flying and the other set of videos will be an assessment of my skills.  The assessment will be three laps on the course set up in the video below.  In this video, one lap took me 28 seconds, so three should be somewhere around 1 minute and 30 seconds if I don’t crash.  I’ll post my first official test tomorrow.

Drone Racing Day 2

Practice today lasted for about 45 minutes. I set up a course in room 308 which included a few obstacles to fly through – a simulated canyon, tunnel, and bridge. Speed was a factor in that every time I increased speed, I had less control. I’m thinking I might practice flying an easier course and try to go faster tonight. Here’s a video of one of my better flights from today.

Drone Racing Day 1

For my SML project this year, I decided to learn how to race a drone in FPV (first person view). I’ll be documenting my progress by creating a post for every day we have an SML session. The post will include a short description of what I have been working on and a video of my progress. At the end of the SML project, I’ll create a video highlighting the entire process of me learning to race. Hopefully, I’ll be able to transfer these skills to a real race sometime in the future. Here’s a look at where I’m at with flying at the start of the project.

PBL – Collaboration and Teamwork count!

A big part of project based learning is learning how to effectively work with others. Your ~86 billion brain cells are great to have when faced with a problem. Imagine the speed and thoroughness of solving the problem when that number is multiplied 2, 3, 20, 1000..! This math can be effectively realized when working in small groups, with your whole class, and via online research. The trick is to do it effectively…

  • Speak up.  Respectfully share and critique ideas
  • Assess your members strengths and play to these strengths
  • Identify your areas to improve and learn from your teammates
  • Assign roles so that each member has a productive task each day
  • Be polite.  Thank each other for contributions.  Give credit where due.  Take responsibility for your actions or lack there of.
  • Research.  Follow your CRAAP and allow the internet to take you deeper, farther.