Top Tip Tuesday – 17th March 2020


  1. The Power of Sleep: Nature’s Greatest Health and Performance Enhancer – ‘The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life’, Dr. Matthew Walker.
  2. Reduce the Risk of Viruses with Vitamin D3 – A proven way to improve immunity.
  3. Digestive Health 101: 4 Powerful Tools for Optimising Digestive Health – Digestive health is central to our overall health and performance throughout our lives.

Have a healthy week 🙂




Top Tip Tuesday – 25th Feb. 2020

TOP TIP TUESDAY – 25th Feb. 2020

  1. How to Use Small Bursts of Movement to Instantly Improve Your Day – With all of us spending more time online (and sedentary) than we’d like, squeezing in these quick exercises can boost your mood and reduce your stress.
  2. 3 Stretches to Try if You’re Sitting at a Desk All Day – Your shoulders, spine and posture will thank you.
  3. How to Design Your Environment to Make Healthy Food Choices Easier – small tweaks to encourage better options!

Have a healthy week 🙂

Top Tip Tuesday – 21st January 2020


With CNY coming up and perhaps a little more down time, please enjoy…

  1. Creating an Unreasonable Family – It’s up to parents and families to create an unreasonable family in their expectations for their children’s long term health.
  2. 7 Ways to Make Time for Exercise – How to Prioritise health, organise your schedule, and get things done.
  3. Eat Healthy While Travelling – With a few smart strategies in your back pocket, making nutritious choices while you’re on the road doesn’t have to be stressful.

Have a healthy week 🙂

Top Tip Tuesday – 10th December 2019


Take time over the holidays for some well-deserved (and needed) self-care…

  1. What To Do Right Before Bed for a Better Night’s Sleep – try one of the many ideas for a better night’s sleep.
  2. Gifts to Thrive By: Presents for a Calming Bedtime Routine – give the gift of good sleep. Help a loved one (or yourself) set up for great zzz’s.
  3. 6 Breathing Exercises That Can Help You Relax in 10 Mins or Less – All you need is a pair of healthy lungs, your breath, and 10 minutes of “me” time. It’s called controlled breathing.

Have a healthy holiday 🙂

Top Tip Wednesday – 26th November 2019

TOP TIP TUESDAY – 26th November 2019

After a bit of a Siesta, TTT is back! With the FDA calling E-cigarette use an EPIDEMIC and roughly 3.6 Million American Teens now vaping, this week is all about Vaping…

  1. What you should know about vaping and e-cigarettes – Biobehavioral scientist Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin explains what you’re actually inhaling when you vape and explores the disturbing marketing tactics being used to target kids.
  2. E-cigarettes, “Vapes”, and JUULs: What Teens Should Know – with roughly 3.6 Million American Teens now vaping, the FDA are calling e-cigarette use an ‘epidemic’.
  3. TTPodcast#5 – ‘All about Vaping’ with our very own HKIS Health Expert, MS Health Teacher, Amy Lauren-Smith.

Have a healthy week 🙂

Top Tip Tuesday – 17th Sept. 2019

TOP TIP TUESDAY – 17th Sept. 2019


  1. TT Podcast#4 – A great chat with our Varsity Rugby Captains, Alex Billington, Anastasia Hudak and Keelin McNicholas.
  2. Benefits of Sports for Adolescents – Why get involved in Sport? Here is a short, sweet and to the point article!
  3. The Jaw-Dropping Habit That Adds Happiness and Years to Your Life – surprise, it’s not sleep or exercise…

Have a healthy week 🙂


Top Tip Tuesday – 10th Sept. 2019



  1. TT Podcast #3 – With our new Spiritual Life Co-ordinator, Mr Mike Kersten.
  2. We Expect People to Behave the Way We Want. That’s the Problem – Swami A. Parthasarathy putting modern-day ills in perspective.
  3. The 36 Divine Breaths Trick Will Completely Re-energize You – This kind of conscious breathing will recharge your heart and lungs!

Have a healthy week 🙂




  1. TT Podcast #2 – With your very own Presiding Officer, Weilyn Chong.
  2. The Impact of Physical Exercise on Mental Health and Learning – Prescribe yourself some exercise for the good of your mind and body and make it a non-negotiable in your daily routine!
  3. How to Use a Paper Towel – You use paper towels to dry your hands every day, but chances are, you’re doing it wrong. In this enlightening and funny short talk, Joe Smith reveals the trick to perfect paper towel technique!

Have a healthy week 🙂

Top Tip Tuesday – 27th AUG 2019

 TOP TIP TUESDAY 27th Aug 2019


  1. Real Talk: There Is No Excuse for You to Casually Drink Bottled WaterPut down the plastic. It’s past time to stop.
  2. Top Tip Podcast #1 – Meet our new Weights Room Supervisor, Ian Wilson and keep listening for some advice from Nam Kong!
  3. 5 Smart Ways To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others Physically – How the comparison complex makes you hate on your body – and 5 ways to beat it for good.

Have a healthy week 🙂