Model Chaos?!

This week’s classes have been completely focused on the BUILD stage of the PBL

Lot’s of redesign has happened. lot’s of materials have been used

Some successful models AND lot’s of failure in class

In your reflections this week you should be commenting on your BUILD progress

Here is something to watch for motivation or just for a laugh – things often do not turn out as expected!!

Homer makes a model


PBL Timeline


here is the timeline for your project build and then the presentation

Week of Feb 9 – 13th     Build your model/machine


Week of Feb 23 – 27th – continue with Build phase/ test & redesign of your model/machine

MONDAY March 2nd – Model completed & working?!   Assessed

Week of March 2 – 6th – prepare Presentation/ finish refining your model/machine

Monday March 9th AND Tuesday 10th March – presentations in class Assessed

Wednesday 11 – Friday 13th March – display/present models in BBT during Parent Conferences

Need further inspiration? Watch this