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A big part of project based learning is learning how to effectively work with others. Your ~86 billion brain cells are great to have when faced with a problem. Imagine the speed and thoroughness of solving the problem when that number is multiplied 2, 3, 20, 1000..! This math can be effectively realized when working in small groups, with your whole class, and via online research. The trick is to do it effectively…

  • Speak up.  Respectfully share and critique ideas
  • Assess your members strengths and play to these strengths
  • Identify your areas to improve and learn from your teammates
  • Assign roles so that each member has a productive task each day
  • Be polite.  Thank each other for contributions.  Give credit where due.  Take responsibility for your actions or lack there of.
  • Research.  Follow your CRAAP and allow the internet to take you deeper, farther.

Some inspiration on collaboration / teamwork…

Collaboration – A true life-skill  

Sharing Roles Vs. Giving/Taking Credit Vs. Leadership

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

Collaborating with others can inspire our most creative ideas

Strength In Numbers

It is useful to identify your own strengths and those of others when collaborating within a team.  Once strengths are known, the group is more apt to better understanding each member while most effectively assigning roles.  You can identify your strengths here through the VIA survey.  These are strengths that we all have.  Though, each person has her own unique ranking of which strengths are most apparent and less apparent.

VIA Strengths

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