UK Invests in Tidal Energy Lagoons

This type of thinking is the right type of thinking.

Energy, it is all around us as it transfers from one form to another. However, our world has faced, faces, and will continue to face an ‘energy crisis’. Be it having to depend on foreign energy sources or pouring CO2 into the atmosphere from fossil fuel consumption, we humans have made energy and its impacts on Earth a serious issue. This issue could use more thinking and action like we’re seeing in this tidal lagoon energy project in the UK.

The Moon and Earth interact in a gravitational tug-of-war. Though the Moon is ‘owned’ by Earth (mass of Earth >> mass of Moon), the Moon still induces the same force of gravity on Earth as the Earth induces on the Moon. Trust me, the math works.  F1 = F2.  Thank you, Newton!
Universal Gravitation

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