Density is a Property of Matter

For the next two days you will be studying density in and out of the lab.


  • A pure substance has characteristic properties, such as density that are independent of the size or amount.
  • Equal volumes of different substances usually have different masses.


  • I can calculate the density of a solid
  • I can explain that the density of a substance* is independent of sample size

* Substance  –  matter which has a specific composition and specific properties. Every pure element is a substance. Every pure compound is a substance.

Compound – a substance formed when two or more chemical elements are chemically bonded together. Water is an example because it is made from two elements – hydrogen and oxygen – in a fixed ratio 2 hydrogen 1 oxygen.

Composition – the combination of parts or elements that make up something

We will start with 3 questions:

  1. Which has more mass, one kilogram of lead or one kilogram of feathers?
  2. Which has more volume, the lead or the feathers?
  3. In your team, explain your reasoning for Q1 and Q2.


You are going to determine the masses and volumes of a variety of objects and discover a relationship between these two measurements.

Materials: 4 sets of different objects (2 of each), a balance, a displacement vessel, a beaker, a graduated cylinder, a ruler, a calculator


  • Measure the mass and volume of the objects that you were assigned
  • Make sure that you are accurate by repeating your measurements at least twice for each item
  • Record your data in the correct section of this Density Recording Sheet. (Have one person be the recorder and then share)
  • Give your data to your teacher to be recorded on a class data sheet in order to get averages. You will then need to fill in the rest of the class data for each other type of object. You will need all of this for a graph you will create.
  • Answer the questions on the bottom of the Density Recording Sheet (you can do this as a team)

Once you have completed everything, create a new blog post titled: Density is a Property of Matter. Make sure to categorize it in Properties of Matter (you will need to create a new category). Add your recording sheet to the post and a screen shot of your graph. I would suggest doing both a handwritten and digital graph.

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