States of Matter

Today you will be investigating more about the States of Matter.

To start, watch the following 2 Brain Pop Videos and use the website below. As you do make sure to take notes. Use States of Matter Note Sheets provided by your teacher to take notes.

Websites (great information clearly shown!):

1. Use this website to add more information – great source!

2. Here is another website that is great for this information…..


States of Matter

Matter Changing States – login: hkis  password: dragon

Eureka Videos:

Plasma Video


After you have watched and taken notes using these videos and website, complete the following sheet given to you by your teacher.

Particle Theory Explained

Once you have completed those, answer the following questions in a new blog post titled:

‘States of Matter Focus questions’ and categorized under Science and POM

1. 500 grams of sand can be poured from one container to another container. The sand will take the shape of the container into which it is poured. Your friend says that the sand must be a liquid because it can be poured. How do you convince your friend that sand is a solid?

2. According to the definition for matter, all matter has mass and volume. How would you prove that a gas, such as air, has mass and volume?

Finished??? Go to another classmate’s blog and comment on their responses to the questions.


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