PD – Your First iOS App


In this 2-hour session, we will go through all the essential details you’d need to know to write an iOS app. You will learn how to use Xcode – the official iOS development tool from Apple. You will know the basic syntax of Objective-C. You will learn how to design the app interface using Interface Builder and Storyboard. You will learn how to test your app on iPhone Simulator. In particular, I will walk you through to write your first iOS app – and it will be a fully functional web browser! (Watch out, Google Chrome!)


29 November 2013 (TBA)


I will assume you know a little bit about programming:

  • Know what a variable is, and its different types like integer, boolean, string, array etc.
  • Know basic conditional statements like: ifelse, for loop etc.
  • Know how to write and call functions: e.g. x = sum(39, sum(10, 30));  // x equals 79
  • Know what a class and an object is, i.e. basic stuff on object-oriented programming.

However, you do not need to be a super wizard on coding to sign up this session. It’s okay if you learnt these 10 years ago and want to get a taste of iOS programming now.

Before you come, please install Xcode 5 from Mac AppStore on your macbook. It is a BIG download (2.1 GB) and takes a while to install so please do this beforehand. Otherwise you may not be able to follow us during the class.

Demo Project:

You can download the demo XCode project here.


You can view it here.